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PHEK : Tsa-Tawo (Spirit Stone)

A magnificient spirited flat stone upon which if a basket of paddy is parched in the sun; it generates double-fold in the evening. This is also the significant first settlement site of 'KOZA', the foremost Naga ancestral forefather and from where various Naga tribes migrated later on. Although, the charm of the stone is said to have gone as it was burned and destroyed, the remnants of this legendary Khezhakeno stone is still preserved in its original location even today.

Another legend of this Village consist of a pond called the Zhi-Nakha( Nose of the ancient lake ). A perennial source of spring water pond which remains constant in summer as well as in winter. It is said that the whole village was once covered by large water body which originated from Zhi-Nhaka, from where the significant meaning of the term 'Zhiphemi' ( Guardian of the lake ) is derived. It attracts a lot of visitors from all over the country for its unique existence.