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TUENSANG : The Living Stones of Tuensang

Legends of Chungliyimti (also known as Tsongliyangti or Chungliyangti)

Replete with legends of the exploits and stories of the Nagas when they lived as one big family, Chungliyimti is scattered with vestiges of the past. LongthUroh(Longtrok) or the legendary six stones, lie here in the midst of other ancient relics of the Chungliyangti civilisations. The Sangtams consider the stones as personifications of their ancient gods that gave birth to other stones and moved from one place to another. On the west of the village Tsadang are located two stones,  known locally as Long Akang Threla; according to legend, these two living stones, who were friends, used to visit LongthUroh. They were worshiped by the villagers and neighbouring enemies went weak when they came across them while headhunting. Tsadang is 4km away from Chungliyangti.